Book The Bookshop that Floated Away

The Bookshop that Floated Away is due to be published by Constable & Robinson in Autumn 2013.

Enormous thanks to all the people who supported this financially in its embryonic (and embarrassingly amateur) stage as a series of PayPal-linked blog posts on the previous website. The overwhelmingly generous response to this project will pay for the boat’s much-needed interior refurbishment (winter 2012) and has given me the momentum to ensure The Book Barge stays well and truly open for the foreseeable future. It also attracted the attention of a publishing house – something I hadn’t quite anticipated. I’m currently finishing the story of The Book Barge for them and hope that, if and when it’s printed, those who donated will get in touch with me to ask for a complimentary copy.

Many more people supported this venture with encouraging emails, blog posts, letters, phone calls and by coming into the shop to buy more books. I can’t thank you all enough. The Book Barge is at worst an obsession of mine, but at best a bookshop that seems to feed the dreams of a whole lot of people who rightly recognise that well-chosen reading can make life a great deal more exciting.